9 Considerations Before You License a New ITSM Solution

9 Considerations Before You License a New ITSM Solution

9 Considerations Before You License a New ITSM Solution

In a crowded market of IT service management solutions, it can be easy to find a potential solution that meets your feature and functional requirements. Conversely, it can be difficult to calculate and understand the hard and soft costs of a potential solution. Getting clear answers from potential vendors to the following questions is critical in controlling your total cost of ownership.


1) Flexible Licensing Models

Will every single member of your IT organization require a license, regardless of how often they use the system?

A named licensing model is inflexible and expensive and costs can add up quick if usage increases or your organization grows.

2) End-User Licensing

Will business users require a license to access the self service portal and the knowledge base?

According to Gartner, on average, end-users contact the IT service desk once a month, and if there is any cost associated with a user browsing a knowledge base, requesting a service, resetting a password, or submitting a timecard, your organisation may not gain cost efficiencies in establishing a self-service program.

3) License Compliance

Will you be notified should the number of logins surpasses you license count?

While this doesn’t feel like a Software-as-a-Service issue, many SaaS-based solutions regularly run customer usage reports, and rather than provide notifications, the vendor will simply present an order form to add these additional licenses. As more users access the tool, these usage reports and additional true-ip order forms present unbudgeted costs.

4) Beyond IT Fees

Will named licenses be required for capabilities outside of IT, in areas such as Human Resources, Facilities Management, or Security Operations?

Furthermore, does the solution you intend on selecting require additional development licensing to build your own custom applications on its platform? Lastly, do additional capabilities related to orchestration or cloud provisioning require additional licensing?

5) Choice Deployment Models

Can you choose your deployment model?

lf your IT organization wanted to host the ITSM solution on-premises, would it be easy or inexpensive to select that model? lf you started in a hosted model, would you be able to switch over the course of your relationship with the vendor?

6) Time to Value

Does the solution you intend on selecting have a steep learning curve?

Even if the solution uses Java or JavaScript technologies and you have the resources to provide the required administration, would the best use of your JavaScript developer’s time be on configuring, customizing, and maintaining your ITSM solution?

Will the changes that process owners and business analysts request be prioritized appropriately, or will they need to wait for long periods of time?

7) Version upgrade

Is the solution you intend on selecting known for facilitating easy version upgrades?

One of the virtues of having JavaScript developers to configure and customize the platform is the flexibility to meet unique requirements, but this can present
challenges when it is time to upgrade versions, specifically with regard to the time spent on regression testing.

8) lndustry Reputation

What do third-party analyst firms like Gartner say about the solution you intend on selecting?

Do they report on common customer experiences, specific to concerns on the solution requiring more time and resources than expected when the product was selected? Do they report on customers have challenges to achieve favorable deals and renewals?

9) Customer Feedback

What do other customers say about the solution you intend on selecting?

Do they share feedback on the challenges with licensing models, contract negotiation, quality of implementation or quality of technical support?


Hopefully, the questions above will help you decide what ITSM solution is the best fit for your oranization. Pink Elephant is proud to be in partnership with Cherwell, a leading supplier of innovative IT Service Management (ITSM) solutions. Cherwell’s Service Platform allows enterprises to automate workflows, integrate systems, and improve staff productivity for departments both inside and outside the traditional IT boundaries. Codeless configuration and innovative solutions for HR, Security, PPM, and Facilities offer a simple and cost-effective way to make workflow across the enterprise.

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