ITSM SolutionsConsultancy & Implementation

ITSM SolutionsConsultancy & Implementation

Pink Elephant helps organisations to get a grip on their IT and business processes. We do not do this alone. Pink Elephant has Partnerships with Enterprise Service Management providers that offer technical solutions to achieve this goal. Our market knowledge and expertise in various (IT) Service Management frameworks and best practices, in combination with the leading ITSM tools described below, bring the quality of your business services to a higher level.

Consultancy and Implementation Services

We are proud to have a global practice of experienced Service Management consultants with an unflagging “can do” attitude. Our Consultants & Process Designers have extensive experience with some of the most relevant Service Management Solutions out there, including market Leaders, Challengers, or even the most promising Niche players (by Gartner).

They live and breathe the Best Practice principles that underpin any successful implementation, consultancy assignment, or improvement process. As well as, naturally, being certified in the most relevant best practices such as ITIL.

Pink Elephant is an established global thought leader in the IT Service Management industry with over 40 years of experience. Along with our ITSM consultancy and implementation services we provide, the industry recognised PinkVERIFY assessment certification for IT service management software globally.

Expect more. Expect Pink.

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Transform your IT Service Management

At Pink, we believe an ITSM implementation must fit with businesses goals and objectives. We also recognise that every organisation is unique, so we work closely with each client to understand their business requirements, current opportunities, and expected future challenges.

Start your next ITSM journey with the help of Pink Elephant. Get in touch today to discover how we can help.

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Finding the right tool for the job

Selecting the right ITSM toolset that best suits your organisation can be a minefield, and an expensive one at that. Pink Elephant has come up with an objective and cost-effective service called PinkSELECT™ that takes the hard work out of software selection.

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