Our Approach

Our Approach

A complex application landscape with legacy systems that no longer meet your needs and business goals?

Pink BPM optimises your business with intelligent software solution; parts of your landscape to be replaced and other parts are preserved and made accessible again.

During the process, you will always remain in control. With our agile approach, we respond quickly to change and deliver flexible software that fits your needs, now and in the future.

Our Approach:


Pink Business Apps is Agile; we work with multidisciplinary teams that deliver working solutions in short iterations (Sprints). Close cooperation with your staff and organisation, intensive communication, feedback and team spirit enable an effective work process.

Pink gives the ability to change

Our Mendix team offers companies the ability to change. Offering integration with your customers through portals. Making connections by opening your existing (legacy) systems. Or by the development of applications which are making a connection between people and process.

Delivering services and solutions

Pink Elephant helps you to improve the quality of your service and the efficiency of your operations. We realise seamless integration with your existing environment and ensure flexibility to adapt to changing circumstances.

We use Mendix to achieve flexibility at the front while reducing complexity at the back. We offer this in close collaboration with the business, in less time, at lower costs and with higher quality than traditional development methods.

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Our Customers See

  • Cost reduction
  • Optimisation efficiency
  • Increasing customer satisfaction
  • Increased profitability
Benefits of Mendix


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