Benefits of Mendix

Benefits of Mendix

Enterprise applications when you need them

The Mendix App Platform ensures that small, multi-functional teams, build and deploy complex business applications faster than ever. Organisations that want to get quick results, will use the Mendix App Platform to get distinctive applications and more value from their existing systems.

What makes Mendix so fast?

The combination of Agile project management, visual modelling, drag-and-drop workflows, social productivity, enterprise process integration, ready-to-go apps from the Mendix App Store and a scalable and secure cloud infrastructure allows small teams to build Enterprise applications in days and weeks rather than months and years. Mendix is used by organisations in many different industries to build Applications they need when they need it.

Build new functionality on top of existing systems

Mendix is often used to extend the life of existing legacy systems by integrating them and adding new functionality.  The integration capabilities of the Mendix App Platform range from expanding applications with completely new functionality to connect applications with those of your chain partners. Mendix provides seamless integration with your existing software and provides a significant increase in the adaptability of your IT landscape and improves the flexibility of your organisation.

How does it work?

There are several ways to integrate Mendix applications into your existing application landscape. The Mendix App Store contains connectors and templates for most software vendors. This allows you to integrate your existing systems quickly and easily with your Mendix application.

  • Expanding flexibility
    Mendix takes the best of your existing systems and adds custom functionality to help you enhance the user experience and increase adaptability. Mendix integrates with existing databases, services, legacy systems and documents.
  • Proven integrations
    Mendix offers a range of proven integration scenarios with industry / standard applications, including ERP, CRM, middleware, rules management systems and enterprise architecture modelling tools.
  • ERP Connector
    Mendix is the best way to add a flexible layer on top of your ERP systems. Development teams can quickly build a flexible extension for your ERP in a fraction of the time and cost of ERP vendors.

Read more about the integration capabilities of Mendix into your existing application landscape here.

One app for all devices

An innovative approach to multi-device Enterprise apps

The Mendix App Platform applications work directly on multiple devices. Building separate mobile applications are no longer needed, work effectively with Mendix!

With Mendix, you can easily add functionality to an existing system or new multi-device business applications with layouts for desktop, tablet and smartphone. In the rapidly changing market of mobile apps and mobile devices, it’s easy to get lost in the debate between mobile architectures like to choose which devices you need to support. Mendix applications are using HTML5 and work on any device, so you do not need to worry about supporting multiple devices and mobile operating systems. This provides significant cost savings compared to individual mobile application development for integration with your existing systems.

More about Mendix

Central IT Governance

Take control over your App infrastructure

How many apps do you need to run your company? You’re not alone if you do not know the answer to this question. In your organisation, Business Units often buy or build what they need, without thinking about the long term cost of maintenance and change, uncertainties and resource security and governance risks. Whether they build apps in Excel, Access, Lotus Notes, Sharepoint or any of the many other tools available – companies of all sizes have difficulty managing the growing jungle of departmental apps. The Mendix App Platform gives individuals and small teams the power to build what they need quickly while retaining all the apps in one place, ensuring constant maintenance and monitoring costs and the safety.

In other words, you have control over all the applications in your organisation without slowing down.

Download our white paper Meet the Mendix App Platform.


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