Application Development

Application Development

Companies that have a strong vision of the future want to develop applications based on their own unique business goals and processes.

Instead of choosing an existing software solution, they build a framework from a customised application, allowing the application to connect flawlessly with existing processes. This also makes it possible to support completely new processes and new ways of working, which are difficult to support in existing applications.

Pink Elephant offers an innovative application development framework and applies an agile process approach to application development to create an appropriate business solution. Pink helps clients in a relatively short time by using an enterprise framework that simplifies complex processes effortlessly. Parts of your landscape will be replaced and other parts are preserved and made accessible again.

By working in multidisciplinary teams with frequent evaluations, short sprints and delivery, we ensure we never lose sight of the business processes that we are automating.

Pink Elephant has many years of experience in building customised applications. We have built applications for various leading organisations in business services and insurance based on their ambitious plans and complex business processes.

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