Service Desk& Customer Support

Service Desk& Customer Support

The Window into IT Services

The Service Desk is the window into IT Services. When things go wrong on the Service Desk, the organisation’s perception of value to the business that the IT department delivers can suffer and, more importantly, the reputation of the people managing IT Services will also suffer.

Ask any experienced consultant and they will tell you that the typical starting point for any improvement initiative based on IT Service Management best practice is at the Service Desk, and the Incident Management process which guides its activities.

The simple reason behind this is the fact that IT Support is a core and most visible element of IT Service Delivery. Most organisations have a function in place to ‘fix’ things with some level of maturity. Improvements to this area are seen to be relatively quick to obtain with a high benefit to the business customer without requiring major organisational change – but critical to success are the people providing the customer support activities.

Pink Elephant’s Service Desk & Customer Support service places the emphasis on the improvement, staffing and management of your customer’s single point of contact to IT.

Why organisations come to us for help

  • A need to improve the Service delivered to their customers
  • A need to reduce operational costs
  • A need to improve the automation of the Service function
  • A need to improve the perception of ‘value’ of IT Services
  • A requirement to outsource the complete function – possibly off-site
  • De-motivated, under-performing staff
  • Low first time fix rate
  • Lack of Career progression leading to…………..
  • Service Desk ‘churn’ – the problem is never fixed
  • Too much money spent with agencies finding replacements
  • Too much time spent on people management
  • Difficult to manage and keep motivated
  • Lack of process & process automation
  • Lack of out of hours service
  • No/poor relationship with the customer base
  • Existing staff create a poor image of IT Services
  • Current supplier’s core business is Hardware/Software – don’t really understand ‘Service’

Pink Elephant’s Service Desk and Customer Support Services are divided by:

Service Desk Assessment

Service Desk Improvement

Managed Service Desk 

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