Pink Elephant are growing and we are constantly looking for new colleagues. In today’s job market suitably qualified resources are scarce and competition for skilled staff is high. In addition, there has been a trend going on where IT professionals no longer work for one employer but for several.  A positive development, as this provides organisations like us with flexibility.

Therefore, we are launching the Pink Associate Program in 2016. We are looking for IT professionals who are keen to commit themselves to Pink Elephant and participate in our projects. We are not just looking for your skills and expertise, but we would like to build a mutually beneficial relationship between you, our organisation and, of course, our customers.

What does this mean to you as an individual?  You will be added to our existing list of trusted Associates who will be contacted first in the event of any engagement opportunity that your profile fits. You will have access to our extensive tool kit  and experts to assist you with any Pink Elephant engagement.  As a global training provider we understand the importance of continual learning, therefore you will be offered free access to our extensive training portfolio for you to use for personal development. We want you to feel part of our family! Therefore you will receive a Pink Elephant email address, business cards and regular invitations to the Pink Drinks at our headquarters in Reading.

Why are Pink Elephant taking this approach? We are reliant on our “People”, we need to ensure that the correct and trusted professional will join our projects in order to deliver the desired value to our clients. With the ever increasing market for specialist skills we need to ensure that we have the “best of the best” capabilities across all disciplines.

We are planning an induction program to explain this initiative in more detail.  This will include a full background on Pink Elephant and explain in more depth how this Associate Program will develop.

If you are interested in becoming a Pink Associate, please contact Luci Allen ( for more details.

We look forward to hearing from you!