What is Mendix?

What is Mendix?

Mendix is the app platform company for the enterprise. Mendix enables companies to build, integrate and deploy web and mobile applications faster and with better results, effectively driving ROI in days not months.

This model-driven software platform allows us to develop quickly and customised dynamic and process-driven business applications. The Mendix App Platform gives today’s enterprise a tangible way to overcome challenges by providing a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS); offering a complete solution that enables agile application lifecycle management and delivery.

Key Features:

Mendix offers both no code (visual-modelling) and low code (highly extensible, integrated tooling to support cross-functional teams working collaboratively). Business-domain experts such as analysts and citizen developers can work alongside expert developers to achieve much greater levels of business agility and consequently accelerated delivery, while the platform’s cloud-native architecture and automation tools support the deployment, management, and monitoring of highly-available enterprise-grade applications.

Based on Mendix’s three core principles of speedcollaboration, and control, Mendix offers a complete platform for your enterprise application delivery needs.

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1-Click Deployment

Deploy instantly with Mendix’s famous 1-click deployment. Use the Mendix Cloud with the security and scalability global enterprises expect, or leverage your own infrastructure and run your apps on-premise or in a private cloud.

Social Collaboration

Business – IT collaboration can make or break the success of an application – Mendix’s built-in social collaboration features make it easy and fun to engage all stakeholders across the business and IT, throughout the lifecycle of your project. Keep tabs on all the moving parts and have a closed loop platform for end-user feedback.

Centralised App Governance

With the Mendix App Platform developers and business units have the power to build what they need quickly without giving up IT governance and control. IT teams can ensure management, documentation, maintenance and security in one centralised place.

Enterprise Integration

Mendix apps are often integrated with existing enterprise systems such as SAP, Oracle, Saleforce.com, FICO and many others. The Mendix App Platform makes it easy to tie into existing processes and provides multiple, highly efficient integration options.

Why Mendix?

Unlike other platforms, Mendix enables business analysts to actively participate in the development process. With Mendix we can improve the collaboration between business and IT. Mendix operates internationally and serves big companies in the Netherlands and abroad. In 2009 Mendix was awarded Cool Vendor by Gartner, a reputable title for an innovative technology. Today the Mendix technology already services more than twenty thousand users, including renowned companies active in the financial, logistical and media industry, like Sandd, ABN Amro, Achmea, Mammoet, TNT and Sanoma.

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