Integration Possibilities

Integration Possibilities

Mendix integrates seamlessly with complex IT environments

Enterprise applications never exist in a vacuum. Companies rely on their IT landscape, infrastructure, and carefully aligned business processes to consistently meet their goals. The Mendix App Platform features integration capabilities that make building and integrating new applications, or extending existing ones, simple.

Extend Your Systems, and Your Investments

When large systems become too expensive to maintain, customise, and extend, use the Mendix App Platform as an adaptable top layer. Rather than ‘ripping and replacing’ legacy systems, build new functionality with multi-device applications on top of these systems. Mendix enables you to renew value in past investments and create a more adaptable framework going forward.


Mendix is certified to integrate SAP Netweaver. Engineers can quickly and easily extend SAP using the Mendix SAP Connector, a pre-built module that allows you to send and retrieve data from any SAP system. Mendix supports all kinds of integrations from Idoc’s, BAPI’s to web services.

Quickly and easily integrate Mendix applications with via web services to send and retrieve data from your instance to your Mendix applications.


Make your SharePoint applications fit the unique needs of your organisation by extending it with new functionality, building new multi-device user interfaces, or connecting siloed data sources. Or, do the opposite, and expose functionality of your Mendix application in SharePoint via Web Parts.

Lotus Notes

Mendix is the perfect alternative for Lotus Notes.The Mendix App Platform is a modern, cloud-based alternative to replace Lotus Notes. Rebuilding Lotus Notes apps in Mendix is surprisingly easy. In fact, apps in Mendix are typically built and deployed in a matter of days.

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