Self-Service Portal Key capabilities

Self-Service Portal Key capabilities

It’s estimated that 60 percent of issues can be resolved through self-service. An effective portal provides the best assurance to an organisation that all other aspects of its remote infrastructure will be effective. The portal must be easy to access and easy to use. A well-designed portal provides a one-stop shop for both knowledge and support, reducing—and often eliminating—the time delays inherent in email and phone support.

Automation. Initiate one or more defined actions (such as creating an incident, sending an email notification, or changing the status of a record), allowing IT staff to create simple or complex workflows without coding or scripting.

Multiple Integrated Portals. Configure and integrate portals for different lines of business—such as facilities and human resources—to provide a one-stop shop for everything end users need.

Advanced Knowledge Management. Capture and leverage organisational knowledge, and make it readily available within the portal Consolidate multiple knowledge sources into a single knowledge base, so that users (both end users and technical) can quickly find relevant information.

Language Localisation. Provide navigation, searching, reporting, and request submission in your end users’ native languages.

News and Alerts. Deliver timely and contextual announcements to your end users via news and alerts within the self-service portal. Secure Anytime, Anywhere Access so that end users can take advantage of the self-service portal 24/7/365 from multiple devices, including tablets, smartphones, and desktop computers.

Role-Based Access. Authorise access to different levels of service management functionality based on custom role-based permissions.

Robust Service Catalog. Publish business resources and services for easy end user accessibility, including services for account management, conferencing/presentation, desktop management, end user support, enterprise applications, printing, and telephone/fax.



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