ITIL4 High-Velocity IT Techniques

ITIL4 High-Velocity IT Techniques

ITIL 4 Specialist: High-velocity IT explains twenty-five techniques based on the objectives they support.

Here is a list of all of the techniques by objectives:

  • Valuable investments Prioritisation (cost of delay, buy/sell/hold, and others), minimum viable products and services, product or service ownership, A/B testing
  • Fast development Infrastructure as code, loosely-coupled IS architecture, reviews (retrospectives, blameless post-mortems), continual business analysis, CI/CD, continuous testing, Kanban
  • Resilient operations Technical debt, chaos engineering, definition of done, version control, AIOps, ChatOps, site reliability engineering
  • Co-created value Service experience
  • Assured conformance DevOps Audit Defense Toolkit, DevSecOps, peer review.

An example of a technique that supports the fast development objective is infrastructure as code (IaC). IaC is a way of managing and provisioning IT infrastructure and platforms by using machine-readable definition files rather than physically configuring hardware components. IaC enables environments to be provisioned faster, which accelerates the whole development process and applies aspects of software engineering to infrastructure and operations work.

IaC also contributes to the resilient operation’s objective because, when IaC is used, a suspect environment can be rapidly reconfigured to the specified state. This quality is called idempotence and is key to IaC.

Techniques are applied in the context of multiple ITIL management practices, and IaC can be used in seventeen of them. One of these is the change enablement practice, in which it enables the fast provisioning or decommissioning of virtual infrastructure components in order to balance the speed of delivery with governance, risk, and compliance needs.

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ITIL® 4 Specialist – High Velocity IT


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