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Lengthy and complex systems implementations are losing ground fast. Today’s IT departments should provide answers to new challenges, for less money than before. Fast and constantly evolving solutions must follow each other in rapid succession, while the available budget is shrinking rather than growing.

IT making new innovations possible

If the IT department manages to work well with the users, the IT department can become the spindle to make new innovations possible. By working together according to the Agile methodology, the IT department regains control and will be able to meet the ever-changing needs of the business and users.

Mendix support an Agile approach entirely and makes it an integral part of the everyday way of working. The business will become the driver of new projects, while IT maintains control at all times. IT innovations are implemented quickly and provide continuity and security is guaranteed.

Investments made in your systems are not lost through the use of Mendix. Instead a ‘rip and replace’ of your old legacy systems, we build new functionality with multi-device applications on top of these systems with Mendix. Mendix enables you to renew your investments and gives you the flexibility you need for the future.


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Kate Hamblin

Senior ITSM Consultant +44 0118 324 0620