Software Asset ManagementAssessment

Software Asset ManagementAssessment

Software Asset Management Assessment

Pink Elephant’s Software Asset Management Assessment, or SamScan, is an important auditing service that highlights software overspends and licence issues.

Consider the following questions:

  • Which software products does your organisation use?
  • Which software products does your organisation have, and not have, official licences for?
  • How many people are actively using the software?
  • Who is using the software, and are they supposed to be using it?

If you cannot provide concrete answers to these questions, then we recommend using our SamScan service.


Pink Elephant’s SamScan assessment will reduce your software costs and mitigate the risk of failing a compliance audit.

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How It Works

First, a Pink Elephant consultant will conduct structured interviews with your operational and strategic members of staff. This is to gain background information, discuss the current organisational structure, and agree a desired future desired state.

The consultant will then facilitate a series of assessment meetings to discuss the best practice processes that underpin Software Asset Management.

We suggest having between four and seven face-to-face sessions, covering areas including: Senior Management, Change Management, SAM team, Server Support, Desktop Support and Legal. Each session will be between one and two hours long and will cover the aforementioned areas and how they work within the organisation.

The following categories will also be evaluated:

  • Software Asset Overall Management.
  • Software Asset Logistics Process.
  • Software Asset Relationship Process.
  • Software Asset Verification Compliance.
  • Core Asset Management.

The consultant will then produce an assessment report based on the interviews and on Pink Elephant’s experience and extensive ITIL SAM knowledge base.

The assessment report will provide a snapshot of the current SAM situation within your organisation at the time of the audit, detailing the capability and maturity of each Software Asset Management process area.

The report will then identify the gaps that exist between the current state and the future desired state. It will also include an inventory of high-level recommended actions on how to mature your processes, and how to demonstrate tangible improvements in service to the business.

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