Service Desk Improvement

Service Desk Improvement

The Complete Service Desk Health Check

We’ll help you be the best you can be with our 4 point improvement plan.

Our complete approach to establishing Service Desk excellence follows a structured process. We can help you identify where you want to be, where you are now, and how you can improve to deliver a great service.

We understand that every organisation is unique, and every organisation needs a different solution. Our service is a complete ‘Bento Box’ of solutions where you can choose elements to meet your exact requirements.


Business-user demand for customer satisfaction is far outstripping the support organisations’ ability to meet that demand. IT organisations must develop a Support Strategy that invests in the development of IT service desk analyst skills and attributes, and organise appropriately to increase IT’s perceived value. Enabling higher levels of productivity at the IT Service Desk level demonstrates that the IT organisation cares about the business, and that it’s committed to ensuring that users meet their goals and objectives.

We can provide Consultancy to assist in revitalising your Support function and ensure you have the right strategy in place that will meet your business’s demands in the coming years.

In any improvement plan, you need to establish ‘Where you want to be’, what the new landscape will look like, what is it you want to achieve, and how you can demonstrate value to the business. By definition, an improvement plan describes a journey. To get your people to join you on that journey, you will need to show them exactly where you are going, and what’s in it for them, and the business. This is a critical phase of any ‘Change’ programme, and getting this right will significantly reduce the risk of project failure.


Are you realising the full potential of your Human Resources? We are not only talking about IT support when we think about the Service Desk, but of the opinion formed of the entire business. This underlines why it is so important to get this first impression right as you might never get another chance to make another one, and it is people that create that first impression.

Auditing the abilities of your team on a regular basis, and ensuring that their skills matrix is sufficient to meet the changing future requirements of the business, is critical to continual improvement. Where appropriate we will utilise SFIA (Skills Framework for the Information Age).

Where appropriate, we’ll look at Job Descriptions, Training Plans, Career Development, Personal Performance and Motivation, Employee Satisfaction, Staffing & Scheduling, Communication between IT Support and the Customer base.

We will examine the whole lifecycle of the Support Analyst, from attracting the right talent in the first place, to motivation, through to career progression.


The processes employed by the IT Support function are the most ‘visible’ to the customer. The Incident management and Request Fulfilment processes, for example, have a direct correlation between customer’s good and bad service perception.

The IT Support processes are also the easiest to improve and will deliver the quickest return, in terms of cost and risk reduction, and customer satisfaction, in any improvement programme.

Using our vast experience of practical IT Service Management, we will examine how fit for purpose your processes are now and, how they need to change to move to the desired new landscape.

“IT needs to first understand where it stands on process maturity and then focus on improvement of low maturity processes.”                       Source: Forrester

Depending on your unique situation we will examine and measure: Incident Management, Request Fulfilment, Event Management, Access Management, Problem Management, Service Asset and Configuration Management, Change management, Release and Deployment Management, Transition Planning & Support, Service Validation & Testing, Knowledge Management, Service Catalogue Management, Service Level Agreements, Service Desk KPI’s, & CSF’s, Service Desk Metrics, Customer Satisfaction, Project/Service Management integration.

After our assessment, you will be left with a complete set of recommendations to improve your processes. These recommendations can be input directly into your Improvement Plan.

Pink Elephant also have a complete set of ITSM process documents including, Operational Templates, Project Plans, Process Maps, Guides, Job Descriptions and Tool Requirements. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel – we have it all.

Technology Transformation

The goals of the Service Desk are primarily to improve customer satisfaction and reduce service desk staffing costs. Both of these goals are reached through implementation of process improvements — or entirely new processes — and, equally importantly, using technology that streamlines, and transforms the work of the Service Desk team.

The downturn in the economy brought a reduced IT budget, but with it a hunger for streamlining IT Service and Support, not just within the Service Desk but also across the entire IT organization. This has, and will drive many decisions on ITSM support tool replacements, upgrades, or new installations.

Pink Elephant’s five point, end-to-end, tool transformation service:

1. Selection Stream: PinkSelect, is the brand name for our ITSM tool selection service. Pink Elephant has a long standing, and firmly held policy, of strict vendor neutrality when it comes to ITSM toolsets.  Calling on our expertise of the PinkVerify seal of approval for toolset vendors, we will guide our customers through a rigorous selection process, leaving final decision on the toolset firmly in the hands of our clients.

2. Technology Stream: The installation, configuration and customisation of the chosen toolset.

3. Process Stream: Design or re-design of the associated processes and how they will operate with the tool – adjusting either process or tool along the way.

4. Documentation Stream:  Capturing the output from the process stream and making sure the agreed ways of working are documented.  This output will be used to ensure that the toolset aligns to the desired way of working within the organisation.

5. Cultural Acceptance Stream:  This is designed to ensure the cultural acceptance of the new way of working is embedded within the organisation, and would cover training, awareness session and one on one mentoring in how the processes and tool work.

To be clear, Pink Elephant does not act as an agent in the sale of the ITSM tool software itself, and our focus remains solely on the Professional Services required for implementation.

The above service can be applied to: New replacement tools, Tool upgrades, and tools simply not performing the way they were expected.

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