CMDB/CMS Strategy & ScopingWorkshop

CMDB/CMS Strategy & ScopingWorkshop

The Configuration Management Database (CMDB) and Configuration Management System (CMS) underpin all other IT Service Management processes. Their successful implementation is often seen as one of the marks of ‘mature’ process implementation.

When these tools are implemented correctly they work to raise the maturity and efficiency of all other process areas, assisting in Impact assessments for Change Management, spotting points of weakness and single points of failure for Problem Management, allowing the Service Level Manager to know exactly WHAT makes up a service so they can negotiate an appropriate SLA, assisting Incident Management and the Service Desk in populating support calls with relevant information and allowing for quick impact assessment at the front line.

A CMDB is only a tool, and any tool is only as good as it designed to be and the way in which it is used. Many implementations run into difficulties as they do not take in to account the simple fact that the tool must support the organisation’s way of working which differs radically from organisation to organisation.

A successful CMDB implementation rests on the fact that the tool strategy, purpose, and scope are carefully considered and recognised as vital inputs into the tool selection process. Pink Elephant can offer assistance in this vital area.

Benefits of a Consulting Workshop Approach

A Pink Elephant Expert Service Management consultant will facilitate the workshop at a location of your choice. They will deliver information to support the effective review of the existing process and provide best practice expertise in improvements that can be made. They will utilise our standard tool kit of process information that includes:

  • The top 6 pitfalls of Implementing a CMDB / CMS and how to avoid them
  • A structured approach to starting your CMDB/CMS implementation project with high-level guidance on the activities that should occur within each phase
  • Guidance on selecting an appropriate scope of Configuration Items for inclusion within the CMDB/CMS
  • Guidance on selecting the attributes to be included within the CMDB/CMS
  • Guidance on selecting the relationships to be included within the CMDB/CMS
  • High-level guidance on suggested tool capabilities that would be required to support an ITIL aligned CMDB/CMS
  • You will get suggested CMDB/CMS Attributes document
  • Sample Service Asset & Configuration Management Project Charter document
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