PRINCE2 Organisation

PRINCE2 Organisation

The goal of the PRINCE2 Organisation theme is to define and establish the project’s structure of accountabilities and responsibilities. In a PRINCE2 project always think of a customer-supplier relationship. The customer may be both internal and external. The customer is the person who will finally benefit from the ending result of the project.

PRINCE2 does not describe management jobs to be allocated to people on a one-to-one basis. Each role is defined by an associated set of responsibilities. When combining them, consideration should be given to any conflicts of responsibilities, whether one person has the capacity to undertake the combined responsibilities, and whether any bottlenecks might be created as a result.

This PRINCE2 organisation is full of different disciplines, people and parties, all with different interests. The needs for a project to succeed are; a clear and operative structure and the responsibilities must be well defined within the project.

The PRINCE2 principle of defined roles and responsibilities states that a PRINCE2 project will always have three primary categories of stakeholder, and the interests of all three must be satisfied if the project is to be successful.

PRINCE2 defines a project as a momentary organisation that is created for the purpose of delivering one or more business products according to an established Business Case. It does not specify management jobs but roles. They might be shared according to the projects needs but the responsibilities must always be attributed.

The three project interests:

  • Business: The products of the project should meet a business need which will justify the investment in the project. The project should also provide value for money.
  • Users: PRINCE2 makes a distinction between the business interests and the requirements of those who will use the project’s outputs. The user viewpoint should represent those individuals or groups for whom some or all of the following will apply:
    • They will use the outputs of the project to realise the benefits after the project is complete
    • They will operate, maintain or support the project’s outputs
    • The outputs of the projects will impact them
  • Suppliers: The creation of the project’s outputs will need resources with certain skills. The supplier viewpoint should represent those who will provide the necessary skills and produce the project product.


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