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“Working agilely is about combining the knowledge and skills in order to achieve collectively a successful end result. In our case, things worked out so well that we started to consider the people of Pink Elephant as colleagues rather than as the hired party.”

The Pink Agile Framework white paper

Companies that have switched over to Agile know that this methodology brings about a  drastic cultural transformation within the organisation. Old organisational conventions need to be abandoned and the new ways adopted to manage the organisation.

Agile is just a collective term for various different methodologies that have many elements and terms in common. Scrum is the best-known Agile method, but, although it is very suitable for software development, it is less suitable for other departments within organisations, like Sales, Marketing, Finance and Management. Outside of software development, DSDM (Dynamic Systems Development Method) is often used as a methodology. Unlike Scrum, this method has been designed to work with a variety of projects.  Eventually, though, every company is free to choose a suitable Agile methodology and to implement it at their own discretion, depending on the situation. Agile is not a method, so everyone can decide for themselves which tools they want to use from the available methodologies.

In 2012, Pink Elephant switched over to Agile and developed its own methodology that is used both within the organisation and in the interaction with clients: the Pink Agile Framework. This method consists of a combination of elements of DSDM and Scrum. Simply put, DSDM is used for project management purposes, whereas Scrum is used for software development purposes. Therefore, the Pink Agile Framework stands for an end-to-end Agile approach that can be used in the entire organisation, from Marketing and Sales to Software Development and Management.



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